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Information and Communication Technology

Welcome to HCIT – Your IT Partner.

Information and Communication Technology is at the core of any successful business NOW more than ever. Everyday transactions such as banking, mail and telephony evolves from “plain old telephone service” “snail mail” and driving to the bank, to smart phones, VOIP phones, electronic fax, email and internet banking.

We provide the building blocks in infrastructure configuration to serve as the vehicle for all these applications and services to run on. A solid and strong foundation is the key to stability and adaptability for future growth and change.

These building blocks are at the core of our businesses and the “always on” model is what we strive for. We understand that SME’s have the same expectations from their ICT infrastructure as the enterprise clientele but don’t have the same budgets.

Luckily excellent products do exist for this market segment and we have selected these to build your own near 100% fit infrastructure for you.

Core Services | Products


HCIT Solutions strives to produce and offer products that we can support in-house. To this end, most of our solutions are open source based and our Cloud based multi-tenant PBX system is no exception. We are proud in our ability to offer an in-house maintained system that is not locked into proprietary vendors giving latitude to product choice of CPE’s such as telephone handsets and door phones.


HCIT Solutions have successful implementations of camera deployments at office buildings, factories, houses, Farms etc. CCTV is only as good as the data that is collected. Recordings data must be able to be retained and readily accessible to the client even in a remote situation such as off-site monitoring. We combine the data retention with Cloud backup/syncing solutions where possible to ensure up to last minute recordings of events even in the event of theft of fire disasters.


HCIT Solutions uses affordable solutions to design and build an effective networking infrastructure. We offer consultancy services to SME’s struggling with their uptime, throughput and/or stability. With LAN speeds at multi-Gigabit speeds, Internet lines are lacking in handling the traffic thus causing a bottleneck at the gateway. We assist in managing the traffic rush by applying Quality of Service methods to ensure fair based queuing.

ICT Support

HCIT Solutions provide end-to-end solutions to the client by offering the full range of services in ICT. The major categories include:

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Office

Microsoft 365




HCIT Solutions offer Cloud based backups at affordable rates. Please enquire by contacting us.

Cloud Hosting

HCIT Solutions maintain and manage our own cloud infrastructure in data centres in South Africa.

We are able to provide Virtual Machines to your specific needs whether it be PC/Workstation or Server. We combine these with secure connectivity to ensure privacy and security to machines.

Data Recovery

HCIT Solutions offers expert data recovery services with a no recovery, no payment policy. We recover your vital files, photos & data in record turnaround times.

Hardware & Software

HCIT Solutions is a solutions-based company providing our customers “fit to task” infrastructure. We combine these with productivity suites that complement the installed base and experience of the users.